Tuesday, January 25, 2011

$10.00 set of 4

you will get 4 of these egg bowl fillers..they are wrapped with cheesecloth and i have put a rusty bell on it with a rusty safety pin..they measure 7x4

shipping is 2.00
.50 with nother item

$7.50 set of 3

these little guys are so cute..i sell them 3 to a set. they measure 6x3
shipping is 2.00
with another items is .50

$13.00 set of 6

You pick our colors of the eggs..they measure 6x3.  The solid color eggs will have stained cheesecloth around them..

Shipping is 2.00
with another item .50

$12.00 set of 5

these are some grungy eggs..they measure 6x3..you can pick your colors of these eggs..or i will make them the same as above.

shipping is 2.00
with another item is .50


This leaping bunny is on a rusty spring.  He is so adorable..he has a vintage button eye..he measures 10x6

Shipping is 2.00
with another item is .50

$10.00 set of 3 wooly sheep

These turned out so neat..the pic isn't the best.  They do have real raw wool for their coat..they are prim perfect.  They measure 6x3

Shipping is 2.00
with another item is .50

$10.00 a set

These are just the most prim pair of Leprechaun boots  you gonna find.  They measure 8x8..

Shipping is 2.00
with another item is .50

$10.00 a set of 3

These are some really cute bowl fillers..they are made from blackened wax..I have rubbed them in cinnamon  to give them that great  prim look..they will come in a cello bag with some prim grass in the bottom.they measure 5x2

Shippin 2.00
with another item .50

First Give away on my Selling blog

I am excited to be doing another give away but this time on my selling blog..Heres the way we are gonna do this..you pick what you win..Anything listed on my selling blog under $15.00 the winner picks..you can pick any bowl fillers or shelf sitters..now keep checking back because i am going to be adding things all day on my blog..The only items that will not be included is the bunny and lamb pantry cake do to the weight of those items the shipping gets too expensive.. (sorry)

just comment on this post and become a follower..thats it!!

I will pick a winner on Feb. 8th..

have fun and thanks for stopping by


New items for sale

I am still working on getting my selling blog going..here are a few more things i have for sale..

$10.00 a set of 5

These are do prim..they measure around 4 1/2 5 inches..this do quilify for my wholesale pricing if interested..

$10.00 set of 5

this little sugar cookies measure 3 inches in diameter..they are very grungy and prim..this quilify for my wholesale pricing if interested.

$9.00 set of 3

These little bunny are made from blackened wax and a old mold..they turned out great!!  get 3 in a cello bag.

You can also find these same items in my etsy shop as well..http://www.etsy.com/shop/oldgoatprims